Northstar Bus Company Inc. was founded in 1997 to provide student transportation to local public and private schools. Service includes home to school routes, athletic, and other school activities. Management has extensive experience in student transportation, also, the workforce providing daily services to the public is diversified, and are bi-lingual. All employees have CDL licenses which allow operation of passenger vehicles above 10,000 LBS. The dispatch and parking facilities are conveniently located on Route 44 in Centredale, RI and our administrative offices are located at 1845 Smith Street, Unit 6, North Providence, RI.
Northstar Bus Company Inc. has the trained workforce to deliver the highest quality of service to those individuals who depend on our services. Our labor force is properly compensated and our management believes that to offer adequate compensation packages allows us to retain a skilled and competent labor force which will deliver a level of service students who use the service can depend on. Management also believes the level of service that has been achieved as attested by reference letters is evidence of this policy regarding our workforce. Our philosophy of management is that we are delivering a vital service which everyone is a stakeholder in success. Our management, our workforce, and school districts we service must place the students who use our service as our highest priority, working cooperatively, we can achieve the goal, every student, on time, everyday.